LensPro Optical, Inc.

Convenient Location and Hours

  • LensPro Optical, Inc. is located in the same office with North Texas Ophthalmic Associates, PLLC
  • LensPro will be happy to fill a prescription from any doctor
  • Appointments are not necessary.  A LensPro optician is available during all office hours, 8:00 am – 5:00pm  Monday through Friday.

Experienced Opticians

  • Andre Carvalho is our Laboratory Manager.
  • Charlene Mason-Keller is Sales Manager.

Collectively this team has more than 40 years’ experience producing and dispensing eyeware.

State-of-the-art Technology

  • On site patternless edging:  LensPro has on site computer controlled patternless edging equipment that precisely cuts the edge of lens blank to fit into a particular frame..  This is a technical matter that is important to patients because it allows us to provide a service that is often of significant convenience and cost saving.  If you require a lens change and wish to retain an existing satisfactory frame, it is not necessary to leave the glasses with us to be shipped to a distant laboratory for a period that might be 1-2 weeks.  Instead, you can continue to use the glasses while we manufacture the new lenses.  When they are ready, we will call you to come to the office to have the lenses installed in your frame while you wait.
  •  3-Axis CNC surfacing machinery:  LensPro also has state-of-the-art computer controlled surfacing machinery at a nearby facility.  Surfacing means to produce your particular prescription on a selected lens blank.  This is also a technical matter.  We believe it is advantageous for us to do this work in house.  The advanced machinery and the highly skilled staff that use it allow us to deal with unusual prescriptions such as:
    • Very high prescriptions
    • Prism, horizontal or vertical, in one or both lenses.
    • Slab off prescriptions.  A slab off is a prism added to the bottom half of one lens in a pair of glasses.  It is usually used in a situation where the prescription for one eye is very different from the one for the other eye.
  • That same highly skilled staff that make glasses are also available on site to deal with matters including general frame adjustments and repairs.  Most adjustments and minor repairs to glasses are performed without charge regardless of who prescribed your glasses or where they were made.

Glasses for Various Purposes

No garment is comfortable for all conditions:  in/out doors, summer/winter, rain/shine.  Similarly, one pair of glasses may not be ideal for all circumstances.  Sometimes a pair of glasses optimized for a particular rather than for general use can be a great convenience.

  • Computer:  A general purpose bifocal or progressive may not be well suited to computer work.  If you have to extend your neck to look through the lower part of your glasses to see a computer screen, ask us about lenses optimized for computer/desk/office work.
  • Music
  • Shooting
  • Golf

Fashionable Selection of Frames

LensPro carries a selection of more than 800 frames  by a score of manufacturers.  These cover a wide range of designs, styles, and prices.  Come in and let us help you make an appropriate selection.